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Warm Mediterranean sandwich “Joona Linna”

Warm Mediterranean sandwichWarm Mediterranean sandwich “Joona Linna”.

The sandwich beloved by the Swedish Commissioner Joona Linna, star of the thriller “The Hypnotist” by Lars Kepler .

The thriller was a literary success with record sales, especially in Italy.

The figure of the inspector Joona Linna was seen as the alter ego of the Inspector Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri.

How to make an hot sandwich the Mediterranean “Joona Linna” in northern Sweden?

Simple, fast, tasty in just 4 steps.

The ingredients used to making the hot sandwich by “Joona Linna” are:

nr. 1 hot sandwich (or to be heated in the toaster)
30g of dried tomatoes – those recommended by Agriblea “Cherry”
30g of dried beef – recommended the IGP of the Valtellina
30g parmesan cheese – recommended the DOP Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium

How to prepare (directions):

Cut in two lengthwise sandwich still hot. On one half of the sandwich, ask yourself above the slices of bresaola, to cover all the surface.
Add further on the sun-dried tomatoes “Cherry” by Agriblea.
Finally, minutare with the special almond-shaped knife Parmesan cheese flakes, and deposit them here and there on the middle of the sandwich.
Cover with the other half of the sandwich.
(If desired, heat the bun topped the toaster).
And enjoy!

L' alter ego svedese di Montalbano: il commissario LinnaAlexandra Coelho and Alexander Ahndoril Ahndoril:

The hypnotist

Published in Italy by Longanesi Publisher – 2010


Recipe taken from page. 22 of the book The hypnotist and freely revisited.

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