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Italian Food Adventure Recap by Margaret Ann


Italian Food Adventure Recap

Margaret Ann

Italian Food Adventure Recap by Margaret Ann, è una news del blog privato di Margaret Ann, una delle giovanissime studentesse dell’Università della Florida

che ogni anno visitano in viaggio studio la nostra azienda.

Nella sua news Margaret Ann traccia il viaggio di studio effettuato in Italia, alla scoperta delle eccellenze e delle prelibatezze locali.

E, come ogni altro viaggiatore, si trova a sorprendersi delle bellezze naturalistiche, archeologiche, culturali ed eno-gastronomiche  della nostra patria.

In particolar modo, restano entusiasti della Sicilia e dei grandi e piccoli tesori che la trinacria nasconde.

Ma lascio il resto di questo articolo alle parole di Margaret Ann, estrapolate dalla sua news.

Italian Food Adventure Recap by Margaret Ann

“I cannot believe that the month of June is already over, and my magical, almost unreal, journey through foodie heaven has ended.

I’ve been home from Italy for a week now, and I’ve been dying to share these unforgettable experiences and new insights since the beginning of the trip.

But it seems every time I sit down to write, I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ve decided that one blog post can only scratch the surface of what I learned, and much more will trickle out in posts to come (Get ready for lots of yummy Italian recipes!).

For now, though, a run-down on what I was doing and the major themes I took away.

My three-week adventure across Italy was a University of Florida study abroad program–a class called “Italian Food: From Production to Consumption.”

The title was spot-on: With 19 other students, our professor, his wife, and our native Italian coordinator, we toured a myriad of farms, food processors, and wineries, and of course tasted every product and feasted on the fresh local cuisine every day…all while soaking in the culture, history, and breathtaking views.

Sound like a good way to spend the summer?

Ok, now multiply that feeling by 22.426.879 and you might come close to comprehending just how incredible and enriching this experience was.

Italian Food Adventure Recap

Photo by Margaret Ann

The best of the best cherry tomatoes are just salted and left to dry in the hot Sicilian sun. Simple, organic, and LOADED with flavor and lycopene!

And don’t even get me started with the fresh tomatoes. These literally taste like CANDY, they’re that good.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that the date tomato sugar content is actually around 11% (vs. 9% here in Florida), but the difference wasn’t sweetness alone.

It’s incredible what the soil, climate, and care can do to the flavor.

My tomato radar was constantly on for the remainder of the trip; I leapt on every opportunity to get these in my mouth…More pomodoro, per favore? “

Ringraziamo di cuore Margaret Ann per le sue gentili e genuine parole, l’Università della Florida e l’Università di Palermo che ogni anno si pregiano di inserirci nel loro viaggio studio in Italia.

Questo il link per leggere la news di Margaret Ann completa:

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